Campaign Management like you have never seen before.

Experience truely efficient campaign planning with Cannikan, the dynamic tool for in-store campaigns.

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The modern tool for modern campaigns

Switch from out‑of‑sync Excel files to dynamic campaigns.

See how your visuals look in‑store while you are planning.

Work at any time and from anywhere, right in your browser.


Plan campaigns with stunning efficiency.

Make campaigns dynamically adapt to your sales locations. See how your material appears in‑store while you are planning. And hand off production data to suppliers with the push of a button.

Always in sync.

With Cannikan everyone works on the same data. No more trying to match out‑dated Excel files. This way you drastically accelerate your workflow while producing exactly what you need every time.

Bring together what belongs together.

With campaigns and sales locations in the same place you gain the power to design campaigns effectively while producing exactly what you need – and nothing more.

Do it all alone. Or in a team of hundreds.

Whether you champion campaign management on your own or choose to divide and conquer: you can invite as many people as you like into Cannikan and have everyone work at their full potential.

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